A tagging solution for each event

You are willing to tag your event' pictures? Depending from the discipline and the usual support we can provide Pic2Go Tags in different formats.
Direct printing on race number
We provide you an electronic file with the numbered tags corresponding to the bib numbers. Each number corresponds to a different tag. If you are printing the race numbers on yourself or by a professional printer, you will be able to easily integrate the tag on the bib.

If you are not able to manage a direct printing you can either print the tags on your labels or request us to print your them and ship them a few days before your race. You just need to stick them on the bibs or in a place where they will be visible for Photographers.
In case you are unable to find a suitable place on the bib or on the runner, we can provide you semi-rigid cards to be fixed on the athlete with rubber bands. Cards are easy to fix on backpack suspenders or in other particular positions (Handlebars, helmets ...)