Main features

Auto-tag Photos
so you don't need to collect participants' emails or manually tag photos. Gain in time and effectiveness!

Facebook & Twitter
Automatic sharing of personal photo albums to entrant pages, Instant ROI for your event and your sponsors because of massive "like" & information bounce.

Self Operated
Pic2Go can be operated by YOUR team after only 30 minutes of training. There is no need for special cameras or other equipment.

Enjoy great results for a fraction of the cost of large photographing services. Depending on your budget you choose wheter to hire photographers or work with your volunteers!

Registration widget
Simple registration widget on your website for the event entrants.

Personalized widget

Select the colors of the widget to best fit your website. We can deliver every color formats for titles, buttons and backgrounds. 

Automatic Event or brand Fan Page creation and album publication

Consumers sharing branded photos to their personal social media profile is a great way to amplify the branded experience and reach a huge friends audience. However, what about the existing brand fans – why not using the branded activation photos to engage with them too ? Pic2Go Auto-Generates a Fan Page Album which is aimed to boost brand engagement with existing fans.

With Pic2Go Auto-Generated Fan Page Album – all your existing fans will be able to enjoy the great photos from your event even if they aren't joining it. 

Photo & database export

By the end of your event we can provide you with the TAG -> Picture reference database, this allows you to find and use entrant pictures in an easy way without having to spend hours looking through to find a specific image. 

Profit of a powerful statistic engine

Investing in a marketing campaign or a sponsorship without being able to evaluate it's impact is not a good deal. 

Our technology allows you to track the public impact of your event.

If you are an organizer your statistics will be of a great importance for your next sponsorship requests. The larger is your audience, the bigger partnerships you can get!

Event Photo Contest

Multiply sharing by motivating entrants with an online Facebook Photo Contest. Manage a state-of-the art contest with "Most Voted" and "Recently Added" tracking, contest terms, single vote per participant and more…
Pic2Go Photo Contest drives participants to share their photos, invite friends to vote and drive a viral reach for your event.

And much more...!