You are an event organizer or an event sponsor?
Doesn't matter if you are organizing or sponsoring a concert, a film festival, a commercial convention or an international congress, Pic2Go offers multiple application capabilities to give you the best RETURN ON INVESTMENT in terms of brand image recognition from the public.
Through tagged photo sharing, you will join thousand or millions of people you would never impress with a traditional marketing product.
Take advantage of social networks communication!  

Direct printing on your supports
We provide you an electronic file with the coded tags. Each tag will correspond to one of the entrants to your event. You print the tag where ever you want, the only condition is it must be visible for photographers.

If you are not able to manage a direct printing you can either print the tags on your labels or ask us to print your labels and ship them a few days before your race. You just need to stick them in a place where they will be visible for Photographers.

Cards and badges
It's easy to stick or integrate a personal tag on entry cards, personal badges and other objects, just ask us for the best solution according to your needs.